Whether it's your first home, a profitable investment,
or a dream home, we will find the perfect fit for you.


Whether it’s a glittering city view from atop the Hollywood Hills or amongst the trees in our lush canyon neighborhoods, a top rated school district or access to our city’s finest, we’re familiar with all the micro-neighborhoods (yes 42 of them!) Los Angeles has to offer and how they can fit your needs.

Along with our experience in facilitating and closing winning real estate deals, we’ve cultivated lasting relationships with other local agents, giving us the upper hand at the negotiating table and incredible results for you.



The Journey to Ownership



  • Financing – Cash or Mortgage?

  • Understand the Market

  • Partner with an Excellent Agent

Shop for and Find Properties

  • Viewing and Open Houses

  • Make Offer-Negotiate the Purchase Deal

Escrow Process and Due Diligence

  • Inspections, Disclosures, Re-negotiations

  • Contingencies and Buyer Rights

  • Satisfying Lender Conditions

  • Coordinating funds for Closing

Closing and Keys

  • Closing costs, insurance, Warranties, HOA

Post Closing

  • Annual market updates

  • Future considerations – remodeling
    returns for resale, rental market etc.

  • Trading property or buying additional properties


On the journey to finding your dream home, 
we will lead the way.