For over a decade, Merrie & Ben Property Experts have been leading the way in the real estate industry with a professional, knowledgeable, and refreshingly honest approach to every transaction. 

We’re real estate
on a global scale.

Our services expand above and beyond locally. We cater to a global clientele who wish to relocate to Los Angeles. Members of our team are fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, and Spanish.


It’s not about pushing a sale… it’s about finding the best results for you.

Consistently ranking Top 5% over thousands of agents in the local marketplace, Merrie & Ben Property Experts have gained a particular and fine-tuned insight into the real estate market in Los Angeles.

With unmatched professionalism and expertise, we will help you find the best possible buyer for your property or the dream home you've always wanted.


Merrie Kung

"Buy Land, they're not making it anymore." - Mark Twain

Licensed in 1999, she began her sales career in Orange County, then relocated to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where she has grown roots and built a substantial business in the residential real estate industry.  Having trained in her earlier days with one of the most prolific agents in town as well the Architectural Division Director of the largest brokerage in the nation, her knowledge base and skill set specifically serves the luxury clientele she works with.

HGTV thought she was feature-worthy and invited her along to star in a few episodes of the hit HGTV series, “Selling LA” (2012-2013).  You can watch as she navigates the twists and turns of LA wheeling and dealing in the residential real estate world where she helped her clients achieve seemingly impossible, yet genuine real estate endeavors. 

Her dedication to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious President’s Elite Circle Award for being top 3% in production out of 1250 agents at Rodeo Realty, her current brokerage. Her calm, assuring demeanor, innate sense of market trends, knowledge of the numerous micro-markets in Los Angeles, focused dedication, and highly regarded reputation in the industry by her peers have been the hallmark to success for their clients.  She has had the pleasure of serving first time home buyers, Grammy superstars, jet setting business movers and shakers, heads of corporations, foreign investors, royalty, and have guided countless other individuals and families take their stake and make their mark in the LA real estate market.

Having lived in many neighborhoods in Los Angeles herself over the years, she’s able to share real life experience and knowledge with home buyers and investors about the intricate differences

Home country Taiwan, speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, French.


MERRIE KUNG | 310.736.5599 | MERRIEKUNG@GMAIL.COM | DRE#1255425


Binyamin Ben-Liaou

"The best investment on Earth, is Earth." -Louis Glickman

Ben entered the real estate business in 2013 and a partnership was born.  He is Merrie's business partner and adds his complementary skills to build the team and expand clientele reach. 

His areas of expertise and specialty include servicing developers, builders, income property sales, new developments and 1031 exchanges. The eye for opportunity and understanding the numbers of the investment deal are what has brought him success in this arena. Beverlywood, Hancock Park, Beverly Center and The Grove areas, Beverly Hills, & Westwood are some of his areas of expertise.

His clients appreciate his attitude of service, sharp negotiation skills and fiercely honest communication style.  

Home country Israel, speaks fluent Hebrew.